Christmas Lights is the District 5 female in the 1000th Hunger Games. She is currently participating, therefore her 

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placing is currently unknown.


Gender: Female

District: 5

Age: 14

Height: 5'5"

Appearance: Lunaii


Chris is not at all what her name implies. "Christmas Lights" - makes you think of a sweet, angelic, and innocent young girl, right? Well, Chris is not that at all. She's a lot more devilish than angelic. She'll do any dare and she will no doubt kill you without any hesitation if you provoke her enough. She's definitely not sweet - she's a total bitch and people tend to avoid her because she's freaking scary. Innocent? Nope. You see, she nicknamed herself "Chris" because nobody has ever understood the name "Christmas", not even her. When Chris first opened her eyes, she was laying in a crib. In a bedroom. In an orphanage. She's never met her parents, not once. Despite what the owner of the orphanage has told her, she thinks she's a mistake. That her parents never wanted her. But that's not the reason she volunteers for the Hunger Games when she's 14 years old. She volunteers because she wants it. She feels confident that she'll win. She'll return home, bringing pride to her district, carrying thousands of dollars. Everyone will love her. Boys will be attracted her. She can live a happy life, or so she thinks.


Backstory: As I stated before, Chris has never met her parents. The first sight she saw was the inside of the orphanage. The owner of the orphanage told her once that her parents dropped her off a few hours after she was born. They never told her why, but the next day, their faces were shown on the news, and the mayor of District 5 had exclaimed that they were missing. Ignoring this story, Chris would often crawl up in a corner of her room in the orphanage and cry, praying to the lord and asking him why he would let her parents abandon her. Eventually, her tears dissolved and were replaced with anger. She used to be sweet, and very kind. But she slowly began to turn into a different person. Her friends in the orphanage started to avoid her, because they were scared of her. Chris wasn't necessairly trying to be a jerk to them. She was just confused. She just wanted to find herself, who she really was. But how was she going to be able to do that if she would be infected with the fact that her parents pretty much abandoned her for the rest of her life?

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Weapons: Throwing axes, spear

Strengths: Physically strong, agile, great climber, plant knowledge, stealthy, smart.

Weaknesses: Can't swim, can only run super fast for a limited distance, hand-to-hand.

Fears: Abandonment, death.

Games InformationEdit

Interview Angle: Chris will act sassy and confident. She will be funny yet slightly sarcastic, and she will become extremely cold if the interviewer tries to ask her about her parents.

Bloodbath Strategy: Chris will pretty much do what Katniss did; grab a pack and get the heck out of there. She will attempt to pick up a weapon if one is near, and she will kill anyone that tries to attack her.

Game Strategy: She will stay with her allies, betraying them while they sleep when the time comes. After she betrays them, she will do her best to remain hidden. She will obviously have trouble sleeping during the Hunger Games, so if she's awake enough, she will go around and kill the tributes nearest to where she is staying while they sleep. Decieving, creeping around, and murdering is her plan for these Games.

Alliance: Anti-Careers or a trustworthy alliance.

Token: Her star-shaped hair pin.

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