Julia is a character in The Republic Games. She is a gamemaker, in charge of the Arena. She is also based off of the user District1 Obsessed.


Julia looks like most average women that live in the Republic, having pale skin and long brunette hair. She's similar in appearance to Raven, who is actually her aunt. She has blue-gray eyes and prefers to wear more casual clothing. She's rather tall, being 5'7" at 19 years old, and she's very skinny, though not bone thin. She's long-legged and agile, and a few freckles dot the bridge of her nose and her cheeks.


Julia is one of the more sane women in the Republic. Unlike most, she is not bloodthirsty or cruel whatsoever. She's much like Raven, kind and caring for other people. She doesn't approve of the Republic Games and sometimes she questions why she has this job exactly. However, she doesn't realize that the only reason she was picked to be Gamemaker is because she is very creative and she can come up wtih fabulous ideas that will have some tributes dead in an instant. She is very smart, though she normally prefers to keep most of her ideas to herself. 


  • She is based off of a user

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