Name: Mystique Seasonal

Age: 16

District: 0

Gender: Female

Weapons: Fire and Bow

Strengths: She is very smart, learning about animals and plants is compulsary in 0. She is also very accurate with a bow, and is nice and stealthy, great at climbing and running.

Weaknesses: She is very petite so isnt the strongest and can not use weapons like swords and axes as they weigh her down. She can also get a bit hot headed and make rash descisons.

Fears: Iophobia, phobia of Poison

Token: A small necklace with the 12 Zodiac signs.

Allies: None

Backstory: As she is from district 0 she never heard of anyone else for ages, as only recently did they re-join with Panem, having being forced out due to rebellion. Like District 14 they only agreed to join the games as they didnt know what they were. In 0 Mystique was happy, due to its location she was rather cold most of the time but she loved it. It was compulsary to learn about plants and animals, so she knows all about that. As her districts industry was learning about the stars and space she spent a lot of time sleeping during the day and studying the skies at night. She was a very intelligent girl who lived a simple life, but she was reaped for the games. She decided to take it on the chin and push through, as she knew she was smart enough to win. She heald it together and made it to the stage, and then to the games. Where she was determined.

Personality: She is very kind and caring, she doesnt like to be treated unfairly and may make rash descisions if this happens. She also is very intelligent and sensible most of the time.

Height: 5'4

Bloodbath Strategy: Flee, grabbing no supplies. Then put as much space between her and the cornucopia, allying with no one.

Games Strategy: Keep moving through the arena at a rapid pace, dont fight with other tributes until the final 10, then use nature to win.

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