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Nathaniel is the leader of The Republic. He is also the one who found President Snow's journal which had info about the Games and etc. Amazed and inspired by the contents, he rebooted the Hunger Games. His full name is Nathaniel Struckthorne and he is 29 years old.


Nathaniel has tan skin like most Republic men. He has long dark brown hair styled into a ponytail. He has cheerful, yet serious cherry red eyes. He normally wears casual wear such as a black t-shirt and some jeans. When he goes to an important event, though, he dresses up in a suit topped with a tie.


Nathaniel may seem to be kind and caring, but this is only for his companions. In truth, he is really a cruel, sadistic person. He enjoys watching the Panem suffer as The Republic tortures them. He loves his precious Arena and the only person he truly cares about that is not himself, is Zero.


Nathaniel grew up as an orphan on the streets of the Republic. His companions were also orphans. They were Zero], Autumn and Sunday but his best friend was Zero. They were always getting into trouble together and they were like brothers.

As Zero became a genius inventor while Autumn and Sunday joined the Republic's army, Nathaniel became the leader of the Republic. As they were doing the tests to see who was fit to be the next leader, Nathaniel was the only one who passed all the tests. The other nominees could've passed as well but they forgot the most important part of being a leader, Friendship. It may sound ridiculous, but Nathaniel wasn't one to leave his companions behind. He would go back and save them even if it meant risking his life. For that sign of trust and bravery, he was given the title as the leader.

Nathaniel's first mission as the new leader was to take over Panem. They knew of the country for years and they decided it was finally time to invade. Nathaniel issued Zero to make him some weapons. Zero created the prototypes of the current peacemaker weapons. Despite being prototypes of the weapons, they still proved to be destructful. Much of the Capitol was destroyed and District 14's land was littered with the bodies of their mutts. A total of 100,000 was killed that day, none of thrm being from The Republic.

After the capture of Panem, Nathaniel stormed the buildings of the Capitol. One of which was President Snow's ruined mansion. In it, he found Snow's journal. He was amazed by it's contents as it had many details of old Panem such as the Hunger Games and peacekeepers. He liked both ideas. He created peacemakers and he made Autumn and Sunday the leaders.

He ordered Zero to complete the weapons and he obliged. He supplied the peacemakers these weapons.

Rebooting the Games, was a different story. The majority of people agreed with the idea but they had to make the Arena, issue the escorts, etc. They did get it done, however. It took them a year but they finished. And thus, the Hunger Games were once again feared by Panem, including the Capitol and the hidden districts.


Zero: Friends


Nathaniel actually does use weapons but he does so rarely. In his shoes are hidden knives and he was a pistol within his coat pocket. He also has a mini Blitz.

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