Name: Nero Aquanine

Age: 18

District: 0

Gender: Male

Weapons: Long Knives and Battleaxes

Strengths: He is very tactical, and very strong. He is great at wielding heavy weapons, and long weapons so he can strike at a distance. He is also very fast, and great at avoiding obstacles when he runs.

Weaknesses: He isn't the greatest swimmer, since he never learned due to the tempature. He also has never been able to climb as it was a flat landscape. He can also get hot headed and make decisions without thinking.

Fears: Thermophobia, Fear of Heat

Token: None

Allies: None

Backstory: In district 0 his father is a rather famous Astrologist, while his mum is the chief of Meteorology at the District 0 University. He was always foreseen to do well due to his parents sucess. And he met those standards. He was always the top in his classes, beating everyone else by a mile. When he was 16 he set of with his friends for a hike over the mountain but got hit by a blizzard, and lost. They walked for days until they found a fence beside a forest. They climbed over and found district 8. They saw a girl be hung so fled back over the fence. He just hit the floor and was about to run when peacekeepers caught his friends. He shared one last look then fled back to 0. He reached it to here that the district had made bonds with Panem and would be competing in the games. And as he was considered the best he was forced to volunteer.

Personality: He is intelligent, learning about nature in school. He is very strong willed and will not let the lesser and weaker man lose. Unless he is not the weaker man. He is quite vicious naturally but he keeps it hidden as he wants to keep calm like most in 0.

Height: 6'9

Bloodbath Strategy: Run straight in, grab a weapon. Maybe kill a few others, but get out before the careers have grouped.

Games Strategy: Keep moving, avoiding the careers, ally with no one and rely on nature, taking out solo tributes as he moved.

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