Sashe geatan

Sashe is a tribute in the 1000th Hunger Games. He is 18 and his District is the Capitol.


Sashe has red hair, eyes and clothing.


Sashe is extremely crazy and obsessed with the Hunger Games. He is usually excited during everything that he does, and some people consider him annoying. He acts like he is fifteen years old, the age when Foxface competed. He is a super hyper fanboy of Foxface and Katniss, so if someone insult them two, he will turn into a cold hearted person.


Since his birth, he was literally obsessed with Hunger Games. His parents were living in a normal house outside the main area of the Capitol. His family was not poor, but they were not rich as the other Capitol families. Sashe lives with his mother and his father, and his sister Mariana. They four never had problems with food or warmth, but they never attended the richest places. Sashe had his own restroom and he decorated it with Hunger Games. T-shirts, posters, fake blood, everything. Sashe's favourite Hunger Games is the 74th one, where he saw more about the tactics. He started to practice to be like a tribute, mainly like his favourite tribute. The district 5 female in the 74th Games, nicknamed as Foxface. He started to train his speed, and how to use knives. He liked Katniss too, but not as he liked Foxface. He practiced how to shoot arrows, plants identification, about mockingjays, and how to make snares and traps. Everything to look like Katniss and Foxface. When he was fifteen years old, he painted his skin, hair, eyes, make-up and changed his ears to look like Foxface in appearance too. When he was eighteen, he got really excited for the reaping's and he went crazy and blind, just imagining him on the arena. On the reaping day, he volunteered, because he was extremely blinded by his obsession. He only realized that he did the wrong thing during the train ride.


Sashe uses a Bow & Arrow. He also uses knives.

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