This is the page that has all the shippings, both canon and non-canon. If you support a certain shipping, be sure to check with Hybrid Shadow before adding it to this page.



Bloodvor (BloodxEndeavor) is a canon shipping between Blood and Endeavor. It works as Blood is a masochist and Endeavor cuts people. They are also very sexual and they do it every chance they get - and I'm sure you all know what I mean by "it". A scene you might often find in the Republic Games series is extremely sexual chemistry between these two women, and they are often found feeling each other up. This shipping can really only be supported by the more mature people of this wiki, though the user District1 Obsessed is a huge fan of it. xD



Naro (NathanxZero) is a shipping between Nathan and Zero. It is also one of the most popular shippings and the creator of The Republic Games, Hybrid Shadow, supports this to no end. So far, there are no plans to make this canon. Nathan and Zero are currently simply considered best friends, although they do have their "moments" that hint something more deep between them in the near future, although there are no thoroughly thought out plans just yet, therefore this shipping is going to remain non-canon.

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